has invested in high quality equipment and supplies that assist us in maintaining the appearance and environment of your facility. We use safe and efficient name brand products that allow us to achieve that gold.

takes a personal interest in our clients, and their satisfaction in the service we provide. If you're considering in replacing or outsourcing your janitorial services in Los Angeles County contact us and start to benefit from a company with over 20 years of cleaning experience.

Type of products we use:

Traditional Cleaning Method:

CaviCide Disinfectant Cleaner- Kills a broad range of
   micro-organisms including the Hepatitis B Virus.
409 Cleaner
Lysol- All Purpose Cleaner
Clorox Cleaning products
Murphy's Soap Wood Cleaner
Ajax Heavy-Duty Formula
Pure Bright Disinfectant Bleach
Clear Lemon Disinfectant, Virucide & Cleaner
Maintex Cleartex Glass Cleaner
Amazing Citro Solve- Cleaner & Degreaser
Wesco- Lemon Clean (Floor Cleaner)
Wesco- Stainless Steel Cleaner
Wesco- Fresh & Clear Bathroom Cleaner
Wesco- Pink Lotion hand soap
Glade- Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator
Carpet Shampoos & Spot Removal Cleaners
Gum Remover

Environmentally Friendly Products- Green Cleaning Method

Eco Mist Solutions are a safe & powerful bio-based
   cleaners made from Natural Ingredients.
Clorox Green Works (All-Purpose Cleaners)
Clorox Green Works (Glass & Surface Cleaners)
Microfiber Cloths
Microfiber Mops


6 Speed Heavy Duty Commercial Vacuum (Sanitaire)
Carpet Machine Cleaner (TMI Rhino)
Wet, Dry Vacuum (Mastercraft)
Standard MD Deluxe Floor Stripping
Saturn Edic Floor Polisher